My First Blog Stats and Income Report

My First Blog Stats and Income Report- See actual stats from my first whole month blogging.

My First Blog Stats and Income Report

I have recently entered the world of blogging as a side hustle. I am hoping to track my stats as they pertain to income over the course of my blog. Luckily, I have so many bloggers before me to share their hints and tips to increase traffic and thus diversifying their income. I hope I don’t have to tell you why diversifying your income is a good thing. Whether you want to pay down debt, save for a major purchase or retire early, income diversification should be on your radar.

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In the interest of full transparency and accountability, I wanted to start sharing my stats and income from the very beginning. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to meet your goals is to share it with someone, in my case, the entire internet. There are so many bloggers out there making $10,000+ per month, but they have been on this journey for years by the time they start to see those kinds of numbers. Now there are a few bloggers that come out of the gate making money, but that is not the path that all bloggers will follow. I hope to provide inspiration to those with lower numbers that everyone’s story is different and not to give up.

So without further delay, here is my first blog goals and stats report.

August 2016:

Pageviews- 748 (goal- 750)
Twitter Followers- 583 (goal- 600)
Pinterest Followers- 241 (goal- 200)
Subscribers- 6 (goal-1)
Google+ Followers- 1 (goal-1)
Alexa Rank- 2,885,592 (goal- 10,000,000)
Income- $0 (goal- $0)

Not too bad for my first full month blogging. In case it isn’t obvious from my goal, I know basically nothing about Alexa and how that works. Overall, I met all but two of my goals and I was SO CLOSE. To clarify, my income goal is $0 because I had not monetized my blog in any way at the beginning of the month and most affiliate networks don’t send a check until 30-90 days following when the commission is earned.

I spent most of the month getting more comfortable with WordPress and adding to the functionality of my blog. I joined the affiliate network for my hosting provider, Bluehost and for Amazon. My experiences with both companies have been positive and I would not recommend them otherwise. I’m planning to use September as a chance to get into more of a routine and to continue to work on a freebie to be shared exclusively with my email subscribers. I’m also hoping to start automating social media, specifically Pinterest with BoardBooster, since the next two months are so busy I am excited for the holiday season to start so that life can slow down a little.

September goals:

Pageviews- 1000
Twitter Followers- 750
Pinterest Followers- 500
Subscribers- 10
Google+ Followers- 5
Alexa Rank- 999,999
Income (earned)- $0.01

My First Blog Stats and Income Report- See actual stats from my first whole month blogging.

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Be sure to leave a comment and share where you started with your first month’s stats if you know them. What are your goals for September?

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    1. Thanks!! My income goals aren’t very high because I’m trying to stay realistic, but I’m really hoping I start to see something happening soon, I’m just so excited lol

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