3 thoughts on “Why I Left My Bank After Almost 20 Years”

  1. It sounds like you did the right thing here, Paige! I’ve never been too loyal – I’ll go where they pay the most interest and have no fees (I honestly can’t believe they charged you a paper statement fee!), but I’ve never lived one place for more than 10 years until this last move, so no personal connections to a bank either.

    I have three accounts right now. One is just a checking account I pay all of my bills out of. It’s local and it’s free and it doesn’t pay interest – but I like to keep the balance pretty lean on that account anyway. My other checking account pays .05% and this is my first “emergency” account, which is pretty accessible. My third account is an online savings account, paying .95%, and it’s slightly harder to access the money there, so it’s rarely touched (and where I keep the most money).
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    1. I am looking to add another savings account soon, .95% is great! I still catch myself sometimes looking for a statement in the mail or heading to the wrong bank to use the ATM lol

  2. I was in the same boat as you many years ago! My mom opened a bank account for me; however, once I went to college in a different city it became extremely inconvenient. My internship in college was with a regional bank and I have been with them every sense. I think I could get a better interest rate on a savings account somewhere else; however, there are lots of branches near my home and job, they have convenient hours, and they refund ATM fees! So for now, I am going to stay with them. I have considered opening an online savings account though to maximize my return!

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